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Highway to Health Fitness Challenge TEAM Entry. Must have two team members to qualify for discounted rates.

Congratulations on taking the first step towards a healthier, happier you by joining the Highway to Health Fitness Challenge! Your decision to participate in this groundbreaking fitness challenge is a commendable one, and we’re thrilled to have you on board. By committing to your health and well-being, you’ve already set yourself on a path to success.

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As you embark on this 90-day journey, we encourage you to stay motivated and focused on reaching your weekly milestones. With dedication and determination, you’ll not only see improvements in your fitness levels but also increase your chances of winning our incredible prizes. Each week, as you achieve your milestones, you’ll be entered into the Grand Prize drawing for a chance to win a $5,000 Dream Vacation and many other amazing rewards.

So lace up your sneakers, get ready to sweat, and embrace the challenge ahead. Remember, every step you take and every minute you exercise brings you closer to a healthier, happier you. Let’s make this journey one to remember!

Contest Rules

  1. The next Challenge will begin on Monday, April 15, 2024. There is a 90-Day Step Challenge component, or participants can enter the 90-Day Exercise Challenge. Each component is run separately with different milestones from the other, and under the same brand of Highway to Health.
  2. A wearable device and the Highway to Health Fitness Challenge app is required to log the steps of participants. When a participant reaches 40,000 steps for the week (8,000 steps a day for five (5) days), he or she is eligible to enter their name into the drawing. Each milestone of 40,000 steps per week must be verifiable and/or witnessed by: the wearable device and app logging the data, or by a picture that shows daily/weekly/monthly totals reached.
  3. If a participant enters the Exercise Challenge section, they must log their information into the Highway to Health Fitness Challenge app. Weekly totals of 70 points must be achieved from the categories listed within the app in order to be eligible for prizes, and to enter the drawing.
  4. Participants must live in the United States or Canada and have a ‘coordinator’ to conduct for corporate teams. If you do not have one at your worksite, a community coordinator can be identified for you.
  5. Each participating worksite for company employees must have an onsite coordinator who will oversee the usage of the app and the total points awarded, and may also act as a witness to verification of steps.
  6. Participants can join the Highway to Health Fitness Challenge anytime in the first 30 days of each event. They must still pay the full Entry Fee, which will not be adjusted and duration of contest will not be extended.
  7. Three categories of eligible entrees will be offered and ultimately chosen based on 1). every 40,000 steps logged for the week, 2). 70 points earned during each week that are logged into the app, and 3). Five (5) Referrals that have signed on to participate in the Challenge. When any one of these milestones is met, the participant earns the right to enter their name into the prize drawing. All entries must be verified by attesting to your totals, and by the information logged within the Highway to Health Fitness Challenge app.
  8. Two (2) Grand Prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the competition: one (1) randomly drawn participant for the Step Challenge, and one (1) participant for the Exercise Challenge. Individual recognition and awards will also be given to the leaders of several categories. So, if a person does not win the random drawing for the Grand Prize, they can still win individual category awards for:
    • Best Team Player
    • Most Referrals (with participating members who sign up and pay for their spot)
    • Most Steps
    • Most Exercise Points
    • Most Team Members participating in the Challenge
    • Most Consistent
  9. Additional qualifying allows each participant to be entered into the drawing, which also includes Referrals who sign up for the Challenge. For every five (5) Referrals that sign up using a custom code provided to the Participant upon entry who is making the Referral, the Referrer can be entered into the drawing. (i.e. Referring five people who sign up, you are eligible to have your name entered into the drawing).
  10. At no time will the weight of an individual be announced or posted. All weights are considered strictly confidential (unless permission granted by contestant). Participants are free to post their own results on social media, but may not post results of others, or mocking other participants. Immediate disqualification will occur if a participant posts someone else’s weight, or derogatory information about someone without their permission.
  11. The Highway to Health Fitness Challenge is meant to encourage adoption of a healthier diet and/or exercise plan. Use of prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, and/or medical procedures is prohibited.
  12. Coordinators will report weights to Event Director on a timely basis (to be determined as contest progresses) in order to be eligible to win prizes. All posts are to be entered each week by Friday 11:59 pm Mountain Standard Time (MST).
  13. Individuals participating at worksites are allowed to create incentives for their own employees (i.e. weekly pool, healthy lunch, etc). This is separate and distinct from the overall contest.
  14. Each participant will sign a Release of Liability and Waiver Form indicating they are healthy and motivated to participate in the Challenge.
  15. Participant agrees to pay the authorized Entry Fee of $197/Individual; $167 per participant for Teams of two (2) or more.
  16. In order for a couple to be eligible for the Grand Prize drawing, both individuals must qualify with the same requirements for the Exercise Challenge and the Step Challenge as listed above.
  17. Last, but not least…Have Fun!

Please take a moment and download the Highway to Health Fitness Challenge designed by YuMuuv, by clicking on the QR code:

Please notify our team if you have any questions or concerns that we can address at team@truckershealthnetwork.com.


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