Methylated Prosper+


Methylated Prosper+ is a combination of two of our best products: Methylated Lightning sticks and Prosper. You get the exact same benefits of both, all in a single, easy-to-take stick!

Methylated Lightning is a super-powered nutritional supplement that delivers essential micronutrients at the cellular level using our proprietary Direct-to-Cell(DTC) technology. This formula of 36 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and plant extracts was engineered to help rebalance and support the neurochemical reactions that produce serotonin and melatonin, leading to healthier cognitive function.

Prosper is our powerful digestive health supplement that uses a gut-tolerant strain of probiotics in SPORE-form, which allows them survive the harsh conditions inside the stomach and germinate in the intestines, right where you need them. This means we dont have to pack nearly as much into a single dose to achieve a BETTER outcome! Combine that with prebiotic fiber (to give the probiotics their first meal) and an 18-strain digestive enzyme blend (to aide your body in extracting as many nutrients as possible from the food you eat), and you get the best in digestive support.

This version of our formula includes the methylated forms of vitamin B-12 and folic acid.

  • 36 essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and plant extracts designed to promote improved cognitive function by helping the brain naturally produce more melatonin and serotonin.

  • Feel a greater sense of calm, better ability to cope, and improved mental clarity.

  • Convenient sticks means you can throw them in your purse, backpack, or even in your childs lunchbox. No pills required!

  • Sublingual uptake bypasses the gut and is absorbed into the bloodstream much faster than pills.

  • Micronized minerals assist in the sub-cellular delivery of essential micronutrients lacking in the average diet.

  • Lightning formula backed by 35 medical journal publications proving its efficacy.

  • Spore-form probiotics for more efficient delivery to the GI tract, prebiotic fiber blend, 18-strain digestive enzyme blend for complete digestive support.

  • Improves nutrient extraction from the food you eat and the supplements you take.

  • Supports the vital gut-brain connection to promote mood regulation and other brain-related benefits.

  • Shelf-stable with no need for refrigeration.

  • Improved overall vitality and energy.

  • Healthy and consistent bowel movement.

Whos It For?

  • Anyone who seems to struggle more than most to feel calm, coping, and clarity.

  • Kids who need help focusing and who struggle with their mood.

  • Those struggling with digestive issues such as inconsistent bowel movement, food sensitivities, and poor gut absorption.

  • Anyone looking to improve nutrient extraction from the food and supplements.

  • Safe for anyone over the age of 2.

Suggested Use: Take 1 stick by mouth per day, preferably after a meal.


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